6 Things Knife Throwing Taught Me About Life

From the very beginning of my martial arts career, I was taught that the truest lessons of the arts are not about fighting, but about humanity and my place within the human family.  My dad was my very first martial arts teacher, and even at my young age he always reminded me that if I could understand who I am, and how we are all connected, then I would become not only an unstoppable warrior, but a man who never needed to fight.  It was my first introduction to the great paradox of marital arts: Live Peace By Training for War.

Over the years, I have received this same lesson in several ways from my various teachers, and my own Sifu, Moises Arocho, has helped me reach new levels of self awareness through my training (very little of which is actually punches and kicks).  Most recently, however, I was once again provided some insight into the matter by a friendly Ninja.   Continue reading “6 Things Knife Throwing Taught Me About Life”

Your Teen Needs a Mentor

Have you ever noticed your teen’s decision-making patterns change? Or witnessed them make a poor decision that seemed totally out of character?

Science has proven that during this phase in their life the brain is rapidly growing which equates to more processing power. The downside is that many decisions are routed to the limbic system (emotional “snap decision”) portion of the brain. In most adults decisions are instead ran through the prefrontal cortex, which is in charge of “rational decision making”.

So now you can see that our teens are not always in the driver seat when it comes to their emotions or decision-making. What if I told you that this isn’t the end of the world and that we have a way to make the transition into adulthood easier? Continue reading “Your Teen Needs a Mentor”

Home Practice: Why Classtime Isn’t Enough

I wanted to take some time and explain why practicing at home is so valuable!

Here are some of the benefits of carving some time out and practicing at home:

The average 7-9yr old, for example, tends to struggle with sequences of moves that require the use of fine motor skills. Our school utilizes self-defense techniques that are meant to challenge this stage of their development so that the student is able to Continue reading “Home Practice: Why Classtime Isn’t Enough”

A DOSE of Help for Back to School Season

Hey 4GK Families!

There are many trends that we notice over the course of the year. We all remember the “whip and the Nae Nae” of which we are all tired of watching. The infamous “Dab”! Soon followed by bottle flipping and fidget spinners. There is also the pull of summer sports where some students take a break from Martial Arts before returning after the summer.

The next trend comes with “back to school” season. This season can test even the stoutest of parent and student alike. During this time our ninjas will be stretched intellectually, emotionally, and socially. Because of this, some students become overwhelmed with their new workload or struggle to get back into the swing of things and may even take a break from martial arts. Commonly overlooked are the benefits of actually sticking with martial arts through this transition.

Luckily, our ninjas have a secret weapon to help them better cope with these struggles. Continue reading “A DOSE of Help for Back to School Season”

The Positive Effects of Martial Arts for a Child in School

Grade school can be quite the experience for any child. It is a place where a child not only learns academically but one where a child must learn to socialize and function in the world. Unfortunately, there are a lot of negative experiences that a child may have when going through school. Whatever those experiences may be, it would be a good idea to have a child participate in martial arts classes. Doing so will give them the tools they need to survive the school experience. The benefits associated with taking martial arts classes are essential for them to be able to have a positive experience in school. Continue reading “The Positive Effects of Martial Arts for a Child in School”

Summer Learning

Hey 4GK Tribe!

Did you know that keeping kids active in programs like Martial Arts classes and camps can actually improve their ability to do well when returning to school?

Unfortunately, sometimes these the camps and classes are an afterthought.

Studies in Baltimore and Atlanta show that when skills are not used or reinforced they initially begin to decay at a rapid rate, but eventually slow. Specifically, the tasks that are procedural, take multiple steps, have no performance cues will tend to decay the quickest. This means when kids stop using critical thinking skills that they will start to deteriorate. Continue reading “Summer Learning”

It’s hot but kids still need to exercise

Dehydration and Heat Illness

With the hot days of summer come summer sports — baseball, tennis, football practice — both in the neighborhood and at camp. Before you send the kids out to practice — or just for a long day of play in the sun — learn to protect your child against the dangers of dehydration and heat illness. WebMD turned to Albert C. Hergenroeder, professor of pediatrics at Baylor College of Medicine and chief of the sports medicine clinic at Texas Children’s Hospital, for answers to parents’ common questions. Continue reading “It’s hot but kids still need to exercise”